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Mitali Jha


A temple is needed in Tucson to bring the community together where elderly, young kids and families can participate with zeal and enthusiasm. It will provide a platform for religious, spiritual, educational and cultural pursuits in a family-oriented setting and provide the much-needed exposure to young kids. I enjoy Hindustani classical music and take pride in spiritual heritage of Hindu culture. I feel blessed to be given the opportunity to bring this noble cause to fruition.

Suma Prasad

Joint Secretary

Namaste, my name is Suma Prasad. I have been living in Tucson for 18 years! My interests include music and arts. I have also enjoyed serving in various non-profit organizations over the years. I believe that the Mandir Project is not just important to me but also crucial for our community. My kids grew up here without a Hindu Temple and so it has been a dream of mine to have a nice temple built in Tucson. I want to dedicate my time and effort to make this dream come true so that the future generations can learn everything about Hindu religion and culture.

Shanta Maddur

Community Relations

My name is Shantha Maddur. My husband, Jayahari and I have lived in Arizona for the last 40 years. It is an honor to be associated with this project. My culture means a lot to me and my family, and I want to support this project to the best of my ability. This temple should bring the Indian community closer together. It will also expose our rich culture and faith to our children and future generations.Thank you again for this opportunity.

Shri Jairam

Treasurer- Under Executive Committee

I wish to be part of the Tucson community and contribute to the development and promotion of our culture.  I am finance professional for over twenty years, in the program management managing business and finance related activities for large projects.  In the past I have been a Board Member and Treasurer in multiple non-profit organizations in Virginia.  I assure the Tucson Community of my best support for a successful endeavor.

Rashmi Agrawal

Advisory Committee

I have been a resident of Tucson for over 30 years and have been an active member of the Indian community from the very beginning. I have always felt the need for a Hindu temple in Tucson. When my kids were growing up in the 90’s a Hindu temple would have been very helpful as it would have provided them with a stronger foundation of the Indian culture, spirituality and language. Now, that the initiative has been taken to build one in Tucson, I want to make sure that the mandir will be a place where not only children will be exposed to our rich heritage and culture but adults too will come together to enjoy the spiritual and cultural aspects of the institution. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to help in this noble cause.

Dr. Amita and Shri. Deven Trivedi

Advisory Committee

My name is Amita Trivedi & I have been very passionate about the temple project. When I moved to Tucson from New York City to practice Medicine 40 years ago, there were very few Indians here & we did not have any platform where our children could get exposure to Indian culture & heritage. Hence, I, along with a few friends, founded the India Society of Southern Arizona, which served the purpose. Now, many more Indian families are here & I see a strong need for a Hindu Temple. It can be a place for Worship, celebrating Indian cultural festivals & meditation. My husband, Deven Trivedi, who is also on the advisory board, is looking forward to having a temple/ retreat , that will benefit the senior community of Tucson, as well as children.

Mona Srivastav

Hindi Class Coordinator

Namaskar ,My name is Mona Srivastava .Tucson is my Home sweet Home for last 15 years .I brought up my kids in this amazing city but felt lack of institution which can provide knowledge for Values and Hindu Cultures that I grew up with ,in India.I am blessed to be associated with Hindu Mandir in Tucson and looking forward to work with dedicated team of individual who share common goals.My interest are Organic farming ,Veganism and Music.

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