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      The growing Hindu Community in Southern Arizona has long felt the need for a temple to offer worship to the Lord in accordance with the Vedic principles of Sanathana Dharma and Aagama Shaasthraas. While the practitioners of other main stream religions have been blessed with multiple places of worship, the existing choice for Hindus living here has been meagre, resulting in our having to travel to the Phoenix Area for regular worship as well as for performing various Samskaaraas such as Naamakarana for children, Anna Praashana, Upanayana etc. In addition, our community is expanding with younger families who like to have their children get the needed exposure to Hindu Scriptures and Temple-based Activities. As an answer to our prayers, Lord Krishna has sent some help to alleviate our needs in the form of Swamy Ananthacharyaji from Vrindavan/Mathura in India, which is Lord Krishna’s birthplace. Swamiji heads an Ashram that has a temple in Vrindavan, which has been the venue for conducting a number of religious and spiritual activities for several decades. Swamiji had expressed a willingness to develop an ASHRAM that is to be built around a TEMPLE in USA and was looking for an appropriate place to house. Swamiji has selected a location for his project and has completed the purchase of a 40-Acre land parcel in East Tucson. In the coming months, plans for the “Temple and Ashram Project” will start taking more concrete shape.

        We wanted to make the Hindu Community living in Southern Arizona aware of the beginning of this Exciting Community Project. Hence, we are soliciting your assistance in a wide dissemination of this project and are requesting volunteers to help in this noble cause. Krishna Bhakti Seva Sangh was founded by Swami Anantacharayaji. He is a disciple of Jagatguru Swami Ram Narayanacharyaji from Ayodhya, and has a “Guru Paramparaa” lineage that could be traced to Prathivaadi Bhayankara Annangaraachaarya Swamy of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. Swamiji has dedicated his life to educating everyone about Sanathana Dharma and teaching Bhakthi Maarga, a mode of worship promoted in Bhagavadgita. Swamiji’s pravachans on Srimad Bhagvatam, Ramayan, Bhagvad Geeta and other scriptures of Sanathana Dharma are enlightening, uplifting, inspiring and applicable to daily life. For more than three decades, Swamiji has been giving discourses all over the world (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, South America, New Zealand, Fiji, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, China and India). Swamiji has also established Krishna Bhakti Prachar Sangh, an International Organization with headquarters in Vrindavan to promote devotion and education in Vedic scriptures. The headquarter in Vrindavan includes Vedic school, Goshala, library, auditorium, guesthouse, hostel for students of religious studies, residential quarters for teaching staff, priests and Ashram workers, and a dining hall. Please pray to the Divine powers to bless our upcoming efforts and fill us with faith and enthusiasm to advance this mission further.

We welcome one and all to join in this divine endeavor under Swamiji’s leadership.
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